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Who has a say in what happens in Biel/Bienne?

Who governs Biel/Bienne? The mayor? The executive, the city council or the city’s employees? Or the local population?

The city council and the executive are the city authorities elected by the local voters. Together with the administrative employees, they deliver a whole range of services for Biel/Bienne’s citizens.

No single body or group has the sole authority to make decisions. They all have a say. The duties of the authorities, the framework for co-determination by the local voters and organisational principles for the administration are laid down in the City’s statutes [pdf, 91 KB] (only GER/FRE). Voters have the power to amend the statutes. They also elect the city council, the executive and the mayor. The members of the executive are a collegial body under the leadership of the mayor. Every member also runs one administrative division. The administration thus acts on behalf of and under the leadership of elected politicians.

Additional information about the political and administrative system is available in French and German.

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