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Biel/Bienne - an attractive tourist destination

Biel/Bienne’s delightful old town and its diverse surrounding area, featuring the Jura, Seeland and Lake Biel/Bienne, are just two of the many attractions that make it well worth a visit.

The city of Biel/Bienne – the global capital of the watchmaking industry – captures visitors’ imagination with its historical and architectural sights. The old town is the jewel in its crown, with its narrow streets, picturesque fountains, impressive guild houses, theatres, galleries and boutique stores selling specialities and curiosities – not to mention the restaurants, cafés and markets. All this endows the old town with its own unique charm and authenticity. This lively area is also a popular residential district bustling with activity. It springs into even more life on the first Friday of every month. People flock into the old town to take a leisurely stroll through the streets late into evening, visit the stores and boutiques, have a meal or enjoy a drink and watch the cultural events put on by local organisations.

Culture and watchmaking know-how of the highest calibre

Cultural and creative activities in Biel/Bienne are shaped by the city’s bilingualism and immediate proximity of the different cultures. The Kunsthaus Pasquart 1, the NMB Biel/Bienne museum (only GER/FRE) 2 and the many art galleries and concerts are perfect examples of this and are well worth a visit. In addition, the NMB Biel/Bienne museum showcases the region’s architecture and presents fascinating information about the watchmaking and industrial city of Biel/Bienne.

The Swatch Group’s new Cité du Temps 3 (French for City of Time) museum provides a captivating insight into two different aspects of the art of watchmaking. It is entirely devoted to the theme of time and brings together under one roof the playful, trendy style of the Swatch brand and the luxuriousness of Omega.

Brimming with things to do and see

Biel/Bienne lies on Lake Biel/Bienne, just between the expansive Seeland area – Switzerland’s vegetable garden – and the steep slopes of the Jura. Untouched natural areas, gorges, Jura mountains, vineyards and picturesque wine-making villages lie just a stone’s throw away. There are so many different ways to see the sights of the region. Why not enjoy a comfortable cruise on the three river-linked lakes – Lake Biel/Bienne, Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Murten? Or explore the vast number of cycle paths for families or the challenging trails for more ambitious bikers. Or even join hiking and climbing tours for all levels of proficiency. Swimming, canoeing, windsurfing and sailing are also great ways to discover the sheer beauty of the Three Lakes Region.

  • Das neue Museum Cité du Temps der Swatch Group, widmet sich gänzlich der Zeit. Die Marke Swatch erscheint links auf dem Bild vis-à-vis vom Eingang des Museums.
    1 von 5: Das neue Museum Cité du Temps der Swatch Group
  • Der Ringplatz in der Altstadt umringt von historischen Häusern
    2 von 5: Der Ring in der Altstadt
  • Das Bild zeigt den See in Biel mit kleinen Booten unter einer Fussgängerbrücke
    3 von 5: Freizeitparadies Bieler Strandboden
  • Das Bild zeigt einen Teil der Bieler Altstadt, den Jurasüdfuss und den Bielersee
    4 von 5: Bieler Altstadt mit Jurahang und Bielersee
  • Das Bild zeigt Radfahrer auf dem Velo- und Fussweg entlang dem Bielersee
    5 von 5: Velo- und Fussweg rundum den Bielersee
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