Guisan Place Market in Biel's old town View of the city to the lake, the alps and the Jura


The City of Biel aims to provide unrestricted access for all visitors to its website. With this aim in mind, when redesigning its website it paid special attention to accessibility for people with disabilities, in particular through
  • a user-oriented structure
  • an understandable choice of words and clear text layout
  • alternative texts to accompany the pictures
  • improvement of accessibility for frequently used forms
  • compliance with the guidelines of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI level A) 
In the case of the documents (mostly PDF), it has not been possible to satisfy the requirements due to the vast number involved.
Keyboard shortcuts (access keys)
The following key combinations have been defined for calling up important pages:
0 = for homepage
1 = for horizontal navigation in the header (e.g. Agenda, Media, Maps,
      Themes A-Z)
2 = for main navigation (horizontal navigation under title image)
3 = for navigation (left-hand column)
4 = for content (middle column)
5 = for address, for opening times and for links to other resources
      (right-hand column)
6 = for service navigation (footer)
7 = for search
8 = for contact information
9 = for site map
A = for accessibility
How to use the access keys
  • Windows and Internet Explorer: Alt + access key + Enter
  • Windows and Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape: Alt + access key
  • Windows and Firefox from Version 2.0: Alt + Shift + access key
  • Windows and Opera: Shift + Esc + access key
  • Macintosh and Internet Explorer: Control + access key + Enter
  • Macintosh and Safari: Control + access key
  • Macintosh and Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape: Control + access key
  • Macintosh and Opera: Shift + Esc + access key
  • Linux Mandrake and Galeon/Mozilla: Alt + access key
  • All operating systems and Amaya: Control + access key
Enlarging the font size
The font size can be enlarged by means of the AAA function. If JavaScript is disabled, the font may be enlarged via the browser function. Changing the font size via the browser function may result in lower quality images and graphics.
External content
Accessibility cannot be guaranteed for external content and links.

Do you have any questions or problems using our website? Please send us a message at the following address: 


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Biel, gateway to the Seeland region and to the Jura mountains
The bay of Lake Biel/Bienne
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