Navigieren in Biel

Bilingual city with special attractions

Biel/Bienne has a great deal to offer as a business location. For example, it is centrally located between major European markets and is well connected by road and rail.

Biel/Bienne is a major industry cluster offering synergies for businesses. The regional economy is especially strong in:

  • Watch-making
  • Precision engineering/micro-mechanics
  • Communication

Multiple benefits for businesses

Biel/Bienne has a great deal to offer businesses: The region’s bilingualism is a distinct advantage for staff recruitment and market coverage. Its other assets include:

  • Attractive business taxes
  • A large skilled workforce thanks to major training centres (only GER/FRE)
  • Low production costs
  • City-owned land reserves in prime locations (transfer under leasehold)
  • Attractive business assistance and support initiatives.