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Do you want to move your business to Biel/Bienne or invest in the city? This section contains everything you need to know about doing business in Biel/Bienne and how we can help you.

Biel/Bienne is a city that is on the rise. Its population is growing, and it has many new job opportunities. Several city development projects have been completed or set in motion recently. These include the Swiss Innovation Park, the Biel/Bienne Campus, Bözingenfeld, Esplanade and the eastern branch of the A5 motorway. A variety of business clusters have taken shape.

Biel/Bienne provides a favourable environment in which businesses and investors can thrive and flourish. Land is available for entrepreneurial growth projects.

Get an idea of what Biel offers as a business location 1 and find out how our business assistance programme 2 can benefit you.

Marcel Aeschlimann, Managing Partner, Creaholic SA Biel/Bienne


Nicola Thibaudeau, CEO MPS Micro Precision Systems SA


Hans Widmer, Investor Esplanade Biel


Roger Federer über seine spezielle Beziehung zu Biel/Bienne


Erich Fehr, Stadtpräsident von Biel

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